5 Cheap ways to make your desk look Fancy..

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Hello everyone


Today I wanted to share 5 Cheap Ways to make your desk look Fancy.. When I am working on my blog I love to do that on my desk and I love to share some of my favorite desk essentials.. 





I just love to have a scened candle on my desk, I just love how it relaxes me and for some reason I always feel that I am more creative when I have a scented candle on my desk.. here are some of my favorite candles to keep on my desk..




For some reason I just have to have flowers on my desk.. It can be real ones or artificial ones. What I love about the artificial ones is that you will have flowers on your desk all year around, but I also love real flowers I try to buy myself some fresh flowers every week and it always makes me feel so much better it’s such a nice treat to myself and they just lighten up my day. here are some of my favorite flowers 


Coffee Table Books


I just love Coffee table books, they are so inspiring and I find myself looking trough them all the time. I also love how they look on your desk and always when I am in need for a little more inspiration I just love to get inspiration of them, I also love how they really can make a statement on your desk, here are some of my favorite coffee table books: 




I am always in need of a notebook, simply because when I am working on my blog and I have to remember something I just love the wright it down, I also love to wright my To do lists down, the night before I always make a list of the things I want to have done the next day.. So it always comes in handy to have a nice notebook by hand especially when I need one. here are some of my favorite notebooks: 






I am a big fan of mugs I love to drink my tea in them ( I am a big tea fan) So it’s really important for me to have a nice cup of hot tea especially when I am working. They are selling the cutest mugs and they just look so pretty on your desk, here are some of my favorite mugs:


So here are my 5 essentials to keep on my desk and they are an affordable way to make your desk look fancy as well.. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.


Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day. 


With lots of love and gratitude.



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