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Hello everyone. I am so excited to share my favorite Netflix movies with you today. With the colder weather coming up there is nothing that I love more than to get cozy at home and to watch all my favorite girly movies on Netflix. There are so many that I love and here are my top 10 most favorite movies at the moment to watch on Netflix.

1. 13 Going on 30

I truly love this movie is such a girly feel good movie and I could watch it all the time, It's about a girl who makes a wish on her thirteenth birthday, and wakes up the next day as a thirty-year-old woman. It has some really fun element but I do love the moral of this story, I also love the fashion it's such a wonderful movie to watch with the whole family.

2. The Notebook

I just love the notebook and it makes me cry all the time, it's such a beautiful love story, It's about a poor yet passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman, giving her a sense of freedom, but they are soon separated because of their social differences. It's such a beautiful movie to watch, but if you watch it make sure you have some tissues next to you..

3. A Cinderella Story

I just love this movie so much, it's such a feel-good movie and it truly tells us that fairytales do come true, It's inspired by the classic Disney movie about an orphan girl who lives with her stepmother and stepsisters and she is routinely exploited by her wicked stepmother but then at one night the downtrodden Samantha Montgomery decides to meet her Internet beau at the school's Halloween dance. I truly love this movie it's such a wonderful movie to watch with the whole family or have a lovely girls night in.

4. Letters to Juliet

I truly loved this movie, Sophie dreams of becoming a writer and travels to Verona, Italy where she meets the "Secretaries of Juliet".I just loved that the movie is filmed in Italy and it has the ultimate romantic Italian feel to it. It's also a beautiful love story and I think that it's the perfect movie for a girly cozy night in with some delicious cheese and a glass of wine.

5. Eat Pray Love

This has to be one of my most favorite movies ever.. I believe that it's such a heartwarming story about life and how to deal with certain situations in life. I also love how this movie gives you a lot of hope and knowing that even in times when you seem to have lost everything, there is always something more beautiful around the corner even if we don't see that at the time. This movie truly has helped me through some difficult times and I always love to watch it, simply because it always makes me feel better, it's about finding yourself and finding the true meaning of life.

6. The Holiday

I recently watched this movie, and I still love it so much, again just as Eat Pray Love it's such a beautiful story about life and how healing a change of scenery sometimes can be. It's about getting a new perspective and that if you are stuck in life some new adventures can create miracles. I truly loved this movie about when two women who are in a rot decided to switch places, one lives in a beautiful villa in LA and the other one lives in a tiny cottage in the English countryside. It's such a beautiful movie with such a heartwarming story, about finding true love at the places you'll never thought to look. I think that this is such a lovely movie to watch with a delicious cup of hot cocoa all snuggled up under a cozy blanket.