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Walking in Nature

Hello everyone

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! I had an amazing weekend with my boyfriend and my two doggies. One of the things I really love to do ( but never take the time for) is to take a walk in nature, going to the park the forest or the beach. It is really relaxing and a real good meditation because the nature allows you to live in the moment to enjoy the beauty around you like the threes and the leaves it really relaxes you. So you have time to clear your head. This inspired me for my look of today I love the western feel like cowboys and horses so I am wearing this amazing scarf from the Zara and combined it with some dark jeans a white t shirt and finish it off with a hat. I think it is the perfect outfit to wear when you want to escape the city life and walk around in nature.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Bag: Debenhams The T-shirt: New Look The Jeans:

New Look The scarf: Zara The earrings: River Island

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