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Hello everyone


Today I made this amazing chocolate love smoothie !! I am all about health because it is good for your body and you feel much better when you eat healthy. But for me it is all about balance, because I don’t want to eat a carrot my whole life (and that’s not healthy either). So for me it is all about finding the right balance. And if I am honest, I really love to eat cookies and chocolate. So I decided to made this chocolate love smoothie it is healthy but I also put some marshmallows and hazelnut sprinkles on top and a nice piece of chocolate to eat. So I have the best of both worlds. This is the recipe of the chocolate love smootie 





150 ml Almond Milk

3 Ice cubs

¼ Avocado

½ Frozen banana chopped in pieces

1 table spoon cacao

Sprinkles of mini marshmallows (optional)  

Sprinkles of hazelnut Krum’s (optional)




Step 1 add your ice cubs, almond milk, avocado, banana pieces, cacao and coconut oil to your blender.


Step 2 Blend until smooth 


Step 3 Pour into a tall glass & top hazelnut and some marshmallow sprinkles


Step 4 Enjoy!


With lots of love and gratitude.

The hart shape cutting board: Next The Glass: Next

The Roses: B&G The chocolate: Hotel chocolate

 The Lace white napkins: Next Source: Vivonline

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