My Beauty Rituals....

Hello everyone


Today I wanted to share some of my beauty rituals with you. I recently bought these amazing box with different Rituals, there where different colours and I choose the green one because those are my favourite smells (Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren) In the box I had: the foaming shower gel, the calming bed & body mist, the calming cream bath, the mild body cream  and my favourite one the rich & nourishing body cream. When it comes to beauty and relaxation I have my own rituals. And I love to share them with you: 


First I make myself a nice bath with the calming cream,some candles and oils. 


In the meantime I use the foaming shower gel and rub myself in with it, before I go into the bath. 


Then I take a nice long bath with some relaxation music in the background. 


After taking a nice long bath I put on the rich & nourishing body cream which has an amazing smell and makes my skin very soft. 


I feel very relaxed because of the smells and my bath, before I go to bed I have myself a nice cup of tea with a nice treat, some macaroons. 


Before I go to bed I put on the calming bed & body mist for a nice relaxing sleep. 


I hope I can inspire you with my beauty rituals, Thanks for shopping by, and Have a nice evening. 


With lots of love and gratitude.

The Rituals (on sale) : House of Frasier The Blossoms: B&G 

The Silk and Lace Bathrobe: Debenhams The White Tea Cup:Tesco 

The Rooibos Tea: Pickwick The Macaroons:  Macarons & More

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