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It's My Birthday

Hello everyone

Today is my Birthday I have reach they magical age of 29 I am very excited about that. Because this is really an age where you can start thinking about your future (I am almost on my 30ths) so I decide to live life fully, for the future I hope a lot of love, travelling, friendships accomplishing goals and just loving live to the fullest and off course being with my loved ones. For so far I had an amazing birthday my boyfriend took my out for a delicious lunch at our favourite restaurant and I had a delicious chocolate brownie treat as a dessert, when we came home I had an amazing cake waiting for me with fireworks, there were cupcakes donuts cookies and all these delicious treats, so there was a lot of eating on my birthday to finish this amazing day we are going to watch a romantic feel good movie: The best of me. For so far I had an amazing day celebrating it with my loved ones. Hoping for an amazing year to come hope you all have an amazing weekend thanks for visiting and I will see you soon with my full birthday celebration post

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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