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My Amazing Birthday Inspiration

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share these amazing pictures of my birthday with you. I always wanted to throw a birthday party like this with cupcakes, sweets, a beautiful cake flowers etc. But I am really not a kitchen princess (I am really trying to) so when I was planning my birthday party I was really stressing myself out about the fact that I am not a baker. So I went to the Tesco and they had everything from the cupcakes to the amazing cookies to the beautiful cake. So I decided to buy all these amazing sweets and to make a nice beautiful table out of it. So I decorated the table with nice plates and cake stands and I set it up. So now I had the birthday party that I always dreamed of (since I was a little girl) and I didn’t had to spent any time in the kitchen. So my tip for you is (if you don’t want to spend any time in the kitchen) try to figure out a colour theme and go from there go to supermarkets bakery’s and try to be creative and set it up nicely on a table so that the people can take whatever they want (and it looks great to). So now you will have the best birthday ever. I really hope that I can inspire you today and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Cupcakes: Tesco The Heart shaped Cake Stand: Wilko The Fireworks: Wilko

The Flower Glasses: Next The Roses: Tesco The Decorated Cookies: Tesco

The Donuts: Tesco The Eastern Eggs: Tesco The Glass Pot: Wilko The Lace Dress: Chic wish The Cake Stand: Wilko The Candles: IKEA The Candle Standards: The White Company The Plates: Tesco

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