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Free Your Spirit

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this look with you, now that it is getting slightly warmer outside I love to wear dresses I bought this beautiful dress and Lace vest at New look I love to wear lace it is really upcoming this season and if you ask me I can wear Lace dresses all year around I just love the fabric (the feminine romantic feeling it gives me). I am latterly all for it, and as I told you before it is really truly my dream to have a shop full of lace dresses. I don't know what it is but I always had that feeling I just love to dress feminine and romantic and I would love to share that feeling with all of you some day. I decided to shoot this look at the beach the beach has something magical for me, I love to look at the ocean and see the waves passing by, for me it is always very healing knowing how hard the storm is there is always silence underneath it all ( the deep ocean) and there is always such a peace an serenity so as you go deeper and deeper the more peaceful it gets and I love that metafoor. I had found out recently that with meditation it is like the same on the service there is a lot going on there are thoughts feelings worries,memories, but when you just let your thoughts and your feelings and emotion passing by there is this deep peace within you you can’t touch it but for some reason you know that it is there and when you are at that deep peace you feel whole and peaceful. I have to admit that I am not always capable to feel that peace all the time but a little glimpse sometimes is enough to know that there is a deeper level in you that is full of love peace joy and happiness and that idea really gives me true peace knowing that there is more in us then what we are used to. I hope I can inspire you and let me know if you recognize yourself in this to, knowing that we are not alone and that we are all in this together

Hope you all have a lovely day full of love joy and happiness

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Dress: New Look The Lace Vest: New Look

The Lace Scarf: New Look

The Earrings: River Island

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