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Inspiration Tuesday

Hello everyone

It is time for inspiration Tuesday… I love to share my new finds with you and to share a nice quote. I am very passionate about finding happiness and doing the things I love.. I want to be the most happiest healthiest person that I can possible be. So I love to learn how I can be happy and which small steps I can take to live a happy lifestyle. And I also want to share this journey with you,because everyone deserves to be happy in life. The quote of today:

Judge nothing you will be happy. Forgive everything you will be happier, Love everything you will be the happiest…

is something that I tried to use everyday… I have learned that when you judge nothing that occurs, your life so much lighter because judgment brings turbulence in our minds and when you just stop doing that you will feel so much happier because you don't have to judge the things that happens around you, because it just is.. and your judgement will not change that… I also learned that if you forgive you are so much happier, because what will it gives you in the long run to have hate for other people the only one you are poisoning with that is yourself.. and everyone can make mistakes, no one is perfect not even you, so allow yourself to forgive.. it is so much better for your own health and you can move one with your life. This is one that I am learning: to love everything, it is so easy to see the negative sides of things but if you train yourself to see the beauty in everyday life you realize how blessed you are and how much you already have to be grateful for in your life and to love, for me those are my two amazing little doggies and my amazing boyfriend.. and following my passions and doing what I love everyday which is blogging, be creative and inspire people… I hope I can inspire you today and I am very curious of what makes you happy?.. Because life is so much better when you are happy healthy and loved.

Thanks for shopping by, and have a lovely Monday.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Flowers: M&S

The Avignon Cup & Saucer Set: M&S

The Sexy Patent Leather Women's Pumps: Sammy Dress

The Signature Candle: The White Company

The Rose Hip pink Barry M Gelly nail polish: River Island

The Macarons Mixed Box of 6: Macarons & More

The Rings in metal with stone-like beads: H&M

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