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Christmas Gift Ideas...

Hello everyone

As christmas is around the corner I would love to share some gift ideas for you and your family and friends. I just love to look stylish in the winter and I really truly love expensive things, but to keep christmas a happy joyful time for me and my loved ones. I selected some very cute items which are perfect for our fashionista’s but are just under £ 30,- pounds I have linked all the products (just press the link and you go straight to the product) My first favorite christmas present idea are these amazing heels they are so fashionable and cute and come in different colors as well. The second gift idea is this amazing Seychelles Mini Home Scenting Set from the white company I love it when my home smells fresh especially after christmas and new year, when all the christmas stuff are out of the house and your home gets a major new years make over. Then it is nice to have a fresh start with these amazing smells, in this package you can find a scented candle, a diffuser and a home spray. The third present idea are these beautiful knitted scarf and had, as it is almost januari it really gets colder outside, and these are the perfect items to be fashionable and stylish this winter these are also come in different colors. I hope I can inspire you to get some beautiful christmas presents for you, your family and friends.

Thanks for shopping by, and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.