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Happiness is a journey not a destination

Hello everyone

I love to share this post with you today, As you probably all know I love the shabby chic style it is soo me the ruffles the pinks the pillows, I love the whole romantic vibe of it. Today I am sharing my ruffled bedding with you. When it comes to sleep I love to sleep I think I might spend more time in my bed then in my living room I don't know what it is but I love to get cosy and cuddle with my little girl merci. Sleeping times are our favorite. So when we are in our bed I love to have loads of pillows just to laying around in our bed and get comfy and relax my little girl Merci is also a big fan of all the pillows she always finds some and sleeps on them. Mostly the bigger the better for her. I got my beautiful bedding from the beautiful shabby chic collection at House of Fraser it is so beautiful and soft and I love all the ruffled details on them. I hope I can inspire you to get cosy with your loved ones and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for shopping by, and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

All of these amazing items are from the Shabby Chic Collection: House of Fraser