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Start each day with a grateful heart..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this beautiful photos with you.. I found these heels at Primark (can you believe it) they are looking like the Valentino stud heels that I love so much. I also have these heels in white and in light pink and I still needed this beautiful nude color and I finally got them they are so beautifully made and they are so easy to walk in, These were the last and the only one in my size and I looked them up online and couldn't find them so maybe they will come later but in the meantime I found some at New Look you can find them here. I also got some delicious macaroons always when I am in Norwich I always have to pick up some at Macarons and More they are so pretty and so delicious I also got some heart shaped ones special for Valentines day. I also wanted to share these quotes with you:

When you love everything you have you have everything you need..

Start each day with a grateful heart

I just love these two quotes lately I am really struggling with looking at other people (especially in the blogging industrie) and I am always thinking that they are better then me, they have more followers, more likes, better pictures, their outfits are much prettier then mine etc. And there is really a life lesson in this because I don't know them or their journey and they are living their lives and I am living mine and its not important what they have. I have to learn to focus on myself be grateful with the things I have and that what I have accomplished so far. I really have to learn to be grateful with my life to do the things I love and live life in my own way, because thats the only thing that is best for me.. I don't know these other people I don't now which way they go and what their live purpose is I only now mine and I know what I love and what makes me happy and I really have to focus on that.. I am happy for other people but I just try to focus more on myself and the beautiful things that I have in my life. I really hope I can inspire you I know this is something that not only I struggle with but a lot of you and its so important to know that you have enough and that your are on your own journey and if you just focus on yourself then you will be a lot happier and more grateful in life.

Thanks for shopping by and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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