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My Daily Routine..

Hello everyone

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and Monday..? Today I am very excited to share my daily routine with you. My boyfriend is working all day so it's very important to me to have a routine and keep myself busy until he gets home. Then we always sit down for a cup of tea and after I start cooking etc. But during the day I love to have some kind of schedule to keep myself happy and healthy. Me and my little girl (my little doggy Merci) always love to sleep in for a bit.. so when my boyfriend goes to work I always get up for a bit and I make him some breakfast and a cup of coffee then when he leaves for work. I always go back to bed for a bit and my little girl loves it she is always telling me to go back to bed (it's so cute).

I always love to wake up around 11.. Then I love to start my day of slowly have a nice cup of tea and wake up for a bit I also love to cuddle with my little girl as soon as we wake up.

Then I always walk Merci out for a bit.. After that I start with making myself some breakfast my favorite breakfast at the moment is a sandwich with some fried eggs, tomatoes and bacon (it's the best).

After Breakfast/Lunch I always love to clean up for a bit.. I always love to put some music on do the dishes and make sure the house is clean and tidy.

After cleaning the house.. I put on my work out clothes and go for a run, and do some exercises this is really my me time I love to be active and to do that outside is definitely a must have for me so I can breath in the fresh air and I just love it, I always do the same round we are having a beautiful park so I always run to the park go trough it and then go back. And when it's fall I always bring some nuts with me to feed the squirrels who are living in the park they are so cute and not scared at all especially when you bring them some nuts. And in the spring the park is filled with gorgeous blossom trees..

After my run I go home to my little girl.. I will walk her for a bit I used to take her to the park but she is more a stay close to home kind a girl so I love to take her around the block.

After walking Merci.. I take a shower and get changed when I am at home I just love to wear my comfy wear like cozy sweaters and my joggers.

After the shower.. I always go on my computer to check my emails and blog for a little bit. Then pretty soon my boyfriend always comes home, so I make ourselves a nice cup of coffee for him and tea for me with some sweet treats.. Then we always watch our favorite show mostly Friends

After our Tea and Coffee break.. I start cooking and then we are having dinner after dinner I always love to watch some of my favorite shows at the moment I am watching This is us which is my favorite show ever!! I always have some treats and a nice cup of hot milk while watching my favorite show..

After the show I always walk Merci for a bit and then I go on my computer to do a little bit of blogging.. then I always ask my boyfriend to make me a bath.