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How to find the Perfect Chanel Inspired Designer Bag..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this look with you.. The weather has been so lovely lately but we still have some cold and rainy days ahead of us.. So this look makes the perfect look for Spring.. I am wearing this beautiful blush pink knitted Kable sweater and I have been wearing this sweater a lot these couple of days, because it still can be a bit cold in the wind and this sweater is just perfect and so beautiful.. It’s on sale as well. I am also wearing this beautiful Lace skirt which is just so pretty it has such an amazing details and I think that it’s the perfect skirt for spring and summer. I am also wearing my favorite Chanel bag and I just love it so much I find myself wearing it all the time and because I am wearing lots of pink and white colors my bag goes with almost anything it has been such a good investment for me and I am so happy with it.. I also linked some of my favorite bags which look a lot like my Chanel bag and they come in 5 different price ranges:

1. The CHANEL bag from Shopbob *£3,928.65 I think that Shopbob is the perfect store to buy a CHANEL bag.. They are selling a beautiful collection and the price range sounds very reasonable for a Classic CHANEL Bag.. I believe that it’s a little bit cheaper then when you will buy a brand new one in a CHANEL store but still.. I think that for this type of investment bags it’s a very good price and it’s a store that you really can trust and especially for that type of price range I will suggest that you will buy from a store that you really can trust. The quality of their bags looks amazing and they are having the most beautiful collection of Chanel Bags.

2. The Ebay version *£2,999.00 If you are lucky you can really find some amazing deals on Ebay for Chanel bags.. Although I would suggest that you are having a good look at it because a picture can always deceive you a little bit and you have to know for sure that the seller has a good reputation on Ebay (I think that Ebay is very strict anyways, but you always have to be careful) and the most of these bags are pre used but they will always say that in the descriptions.. other then that you can maybe find yourself an amazing deal.

3. The TORY BURCH Shoulder Bag * 378.68 I really love this bag it’s such an feminine and pretty bag and it looks a lot like a beautiful Classic Chanel bag. I also really love how feminine this bag is and the blush color is just so beautiful I also love the golden chain which almost looks identical as the Chanel bag and I really love the price range of this bag as well. Its a really good investment and I think that it's the perfect bag that you can definitely wear over and over again.

4. The REBECCA MINKOFF Leather Crossbody Bag *148.28 I just love this bag so much it has so much away from the Chanel bag.. and It has the most beautiful details and the quality of this bag is amazing I have been having my eye for a while on a REBECCA MINKOFF bag and I think that the price range is perfect. Especially if you wan’t to own a bag that looks like a Chanel bag and that has an amazing quality this definitely is the perfect bag for you.

5. The SHEIN Quilted Flap Cross body Bag With Chain *£13.77 For just under fourteen pounds this bag is definitely in the lowest price range but I wanted to share it with you anyways. I think that if you really want to have the look of a pretty Chanel bag.. but you don’t have a huge budget I think that this bag is the perfect alternative. And I have to admit I really love the looks of this bag.. The quality will probably not be as good but for that price range I think that you will get a lot for your money and I know that a lot of you would love to have a Chanel bag but just don’t have the budget for it and I think that with all of these options there must be a bag that’s just perfect for you.

I really hope that I can inspire you.. I always wanted to share a post about where to find the perfect bag for different price ranges simply because I am a real budget shopper at heart and I really love a good bargain.. But I also love brands and beautiful designer bags and luckily in this day of age there are so many varieties and there are so many options and I would love to share my opinions with you.. What would be you choice for the perfect designer bag I would love to hear..?

Thanks for shopping by and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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