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How to find the Perfect Chanel Inspired Designer Bag..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this look with you.. The weather has been so lovely lately but we still have some cold and rainy days ahead of us.. So this look makes the perfect look for Spring.. I am wearing this beautiful blush pink knitted Kable sweater and I have been wearing this sweater a lot these couple of days, because it still can be a bit cold in the wind and this sweater is just perfect and so beautiful.. It’s on sale as well. I am also wearing this beautiful Lace skirt which is just so pretty it has such an amazing details and I think that it’s the perfect skirt for spring and summer. I am also wearing my favorite Chanel bag and I just love it so much I find myself wearing it all the time and because I am wearing lots of pink and white colors my bag goes with almost anything it has been such a good investment for me and I am so happy with it.. I also linked some of my favorite bags which look a lot like my Chanel bag and they come in 5 different price ranges:

1. The CHANEL bag from Shopbob *£3,928.65 I think that Shopbob is the perfect store to buy a CHANEL bag.. They are selling a beautiful collection and the price range sounds very reasonable for a Classic CH