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How to decorate your Bright and White Living Room..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share how to create a bright light Living Room..

I always love to have my living room light and bright I use white sheets over my couch and all of my furniture is painted white.. I just love to have a nice clean white basic and then I can add some colored accessories.. to decorate my living room to taste I just love to add some pink accents.. But If your basics are bright and white you can easily at any colors you want and you can easily change it up every season as well..



I love to add some flowers to my living room, it doesn't really matter if they are artificial or real to me, any flower will do.. Usually I just have artificial flowers and I will add some beautiful fresh pink roses when I can find some at the market.. Simply by mixing artificial flowers and real flowers I will have some flowers in my living room all year around..



There is nothing that I love more to have in my house then a scented candle, I really think that a candle really adds character to every home because you can choose every scent you love and mostly this is unique for everyone.. I love the Jo Malone candles they are smelling amazing. I also love to have some floral scents in my home and I also love the smell of fresh Linen. I also love to change my candle every season, in the Fall I go for a lovely Fall scent like cinnamon or apples and in the Winter I love to go for something like fresh baked cookies and in the Summer I love to go for a floral scent and in the Spring I just love the scent of Blossom trees. I just love how you can really bring a season to life in your home simply by adding a scented candle.



I just love to add pillows in my home, My little doggy Merci loves them too.. I always find her laying on all the pillows she just love them so much.. By adding pillows in your home you can easily decorate it to taste. I just love white pillows in the Summer but in the Winter I love to go for more darker colors simply to get cozy on the couch with a nice hot chocolate and some cozy fluffy pillows to keep me warm.. In the Spring I love to go for Floral prints, and in the Fall I go for knitted and cozy textures on my pillows.. I love how you can easily go trough every season simply by adding some seasonal pillows on your couch and I just love how cozy they look as well..



I just love to decorate my living room with sheets.. I always go for the ruffled ones, simply because they are adding a shabby chic style to the living room.. Simply by adding sheets you can really change it up every season as well.. I usually go for white sheets.. Because I love white and I love the look they are giving to my living room.. But you can easily add some colored sheets to your living room as well. I usually go for white in the winter and Fall and in the Summer and Spring I love to go with Pastel colors and pink..


Coffee Table Books

I just love the idea by adding coffee table books to your living room.. There are so many inspirational books as well and I just love how they add a bit of color to your table, you can easily stack them up and change the colors as well.


So here are some of my tips and tricks to decorate your home with some simple accessories that you can easily change every season, and how to make your home look bright and white, decorated with your favorite accessories.. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.