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6 Things to do to feel better..

Hello everyone

Sometimes we all going trough some tough times and it really can make us feel down and sometimes it seems so hard to feel better.. Especially when you have the feeling that nothing can cheer you up. But there are some things that I love to do when I am feeling down and slowly but surely I am I starting to feel much better and I would love to share with you the things I love to do when I am feeling down to feel better again.


Drink a cup of hot Tea

I just love to have my nice cup of tea it’s really something that I am looking forward too everyday. I just make some time for myself and I make myself a nice cup of tea.. I love to have some nice sweets with my tea as well like some macaroons, some cookies or some delicious chocolate. I also love to drink my tea in silence and I just try to enjoy every moment.. this is also my me time and sometimes I also love to read a magazine and just get cozy on the couch with a nice cup tea some nice treats and I just love to enjoy this lovely time for myself.