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Get the London Look..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this post with you.. When I was in London I visited the most beautiful little Pink house I have ever seen, and I think that it’s safe today that if I ever want to live in London this would definitely be my dream home.. I am just so in love with the pink door and pink shutters, everything of this house I really love and it was such an amazing experience to visit. When I was in London I decided to dress causal I would be walking a lot and I was carrying loads of luggage and because you never know what the weather would be like in London I decided to wear my Pink trench coat a Pink beret some white jeans and to finish this look I am wearing a cut lace blouse.. I really love this outfit because it was really practical but still looked cute in the photos. I have linked my look below this page and I have to say it was really comfy to travel in as well.. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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