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5 tips Tips to be more Positive when you're feeling down..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this post with you. Now that it’s Winter and the days are getting longer and that it’s really cold outside. I always get into a little dip (I call it a winter dip). For some reason I always get a little bit depressed in the winter. I think that this has a lot to do with the less sunshine you get, and the more you spend your days inside because it’s too cold to be outside. On these days it’s always so easy to think about the negative things in your life and sometimes it’s a little bit hard to get out of it. So today I wanted to share 5 tips to be more positive in life. To take the negative and turn it into something more positive:


1. Take a moment to think about the best parts of your life..

This is one thing that I love to do every evening (you can also do it at any other time of the day) you can think about these things or even write them down. I just love to get a piece of paper and write down all the things where I am grateful for, the things that I love and the things that are making me happy. Always when I am a little bit in a dip it’s always so easy to see the negative things but if you really take some time out of your day and you think about the positive things in life. You immediately will start to feel a bit better and if you do this every day or even a couple times a day it will put a smile on your face and you can think of all the things that are going good in your life.

2. Spend 5 minutes imagining your dream life and write down which steps to take

to fulfill them..

I always like to imagine my dream life, one thing that I really love to do is to write it down or to create a vision board. I am a more visual person so when I can see what my dreams an goals are I immediately get focused and excited to create my dream life. I know that it’s not always easy and that we sometimes get overwhelmed by our day to day life. But I think that it's so important to have some dreams for yourself it doesn’t have to be a big dream it can be something small.. because remember it takes a small step every day to create the life of your dreams. I always used to be really impatience (I sometimes still am a little bit) But I have learned along the way that it takes time to create the life of your dreams and when you write them down and take small steps every day towards your dreams they will come true it just takes some patience and you have to believe in yourself to make it happen.

3. Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day..

I know that we can be overwhelmed sometimes, especially on this day of age. With social media, and everything just goes so fast these days and sometimes its really easy to lose yourself in this hectic world. If I get overwhelmed sometimes I just love to meditate to just be quiet sit still and be in the moment.. often on these times I catch my brains going 150 miles an hour but I just try to focus on my breathing and after a while I noticed that my brain is calming down and that I feel more peaceful even after a couple of minutes. Ever since I meditate I find it more easy to be more grounded to be more in the moment and to focus more on myself then the things around me. I can be my authentic self and focus more on the things that I love then the things that I see other people having. I think that it’s so important even for your own peace of mind to just take some time out of your day and to just slow down to just be peaceful and breath.. Meditating to me always makes me feel so good.

4. Take a few minutes to write down your values what are the most important things for you in your life..

I have learned that everybody is different and that everyone has different values in life. The things that are important for one person can be totally different for the other person and vice versa. I used to be someone who was always looking at other people at what they had and what they did and I instantly thought that I had to do that do that or that I had to have that too. And that was something that was really holding me back because, I was simply looking outside myself instead of inside myself and I have learned that we are all different and that we all have different values in life and to know your values and to even write them down can help you so much to be yourself to stay true to yourself and to know who you are and the things you love in life and those are different for everyone..

5. Go for a walk and admire the world around you..

This is one thing that I really love to do (and actually need/ want to do more often) I just love to walk around in nature and I have noticed that if I am ever feeling down or depressed a nice walk can make you feel better, to just to enjoy your surroundings and to be in the moment.


So here are 5 things that I love to do when I feel a bit down they are really helping me to be more positive. I hope they will help you too. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.