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Pink Pumkins..

Hello everyone

I am so excited to share this post with you. There is nothing that I love more then to make beautiful memories with my loved ones.. There is something about Fall that always makes me a bid down and a bit depressed. I think that it has to do with the fact that I am an high sensitive person and because the leaves are falling from the trees, and the weather is really gloomy and rainy it usually puts me in a bad mood. But I really try to learn to look at the positive side of things and I have decided that Fall is going to be a happy season filled with happy memories and that whatever happens.. I will remind myself that even how down I feel at this moment there will always be sunshine love and laughter coming after that and I think that this is really something that keeps me strong and happy and knowing that how bad it feels and looks to seem right now there are always happier moments and times ahead waiting for us. So today I decided to make a lovely Fall dinner table just for me and my family. I think you know that I love pink so much so I decided to paint the beautiful pumpkins pink and they turned out so beautiful. I put them on the table to get into the Fall spirit with some fairy light some Fall scented candles and I just love to enjoy these moments with my loved ones. I hope that I can inspire you. I don’t know if you have the same as me and I think that we are all different people living in this beautiful world and because we are all different in our own beautiful way we all have our seasons. I know for myself that Fall is not my happiest season.. But I do know that after Fall comes Christmas which I love and after Christmas comes Spring and I cannot wait to see our beautiful trees coming to life again and fill our lives with the most beautiful flowers in the most beautiful colors.. but for now just try to stay as happy and positive as you can be and know that every storm will pass if you just keep focussing on your loved ones and the things that make you happy you will get trough anything. I really hope that I can inspire you to see the positive things in life and be aware that we are having this beautiful opportunity and that we are all in this world together and if we love each other and spread positivity our world will become so much richer and you will feel loved and happy again.

With lots of love

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