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Valentine's Day High Tea Table Decor..

Hello everyone

I am so excited to share my Valentine’s table decor with you and today I wanted to share with you 5 easy steps to create the perfect table decor for any occasion.


1. flowers I always love to have a beautiful floral arrangement on my table it makes it looks so more festive and it really helps you to create a theme, you can choose the colors with your theme and then go from there. Because I usually go for romantic and pink colors I’ve made my own floral arrangement but you can mix it up as you like, you can use real flowers or artificial flowers whatever you like best the sky is the limit, you can go all creative with your flowers and my motto with flowers usually is the more the better.

2. candles I just love to have beautiful candles on my table decor. I love to go with long and short ones to create a beautiful effect. I’ve found that when you place these on your table going from low to high and then from high to low creates a beautiful effect and it creates the perfect base for your tablescape(I also love to put the flowers in the middle of the table and then place the candles next to them).

3. China I just love to pick out china, but I mostly find myself going with one basic white and then go from there, also here you can go all out you can mix the colors and you can place the plates on to each other and stack them up how you like it. I believe that if you invest in a neutral China color you can use these over and over again and you can combine them with seasonal pieces, as long as you keep the basic white it makes it really easy to work with them over and over again and then you can easily mix them different colors every season.

4.Tablecloth It sounds strange but my first step in making a tablescape is to have a beautiful table cloth. It usually can get really messy, hosting these beautiful dinners with your guests. So to keep your table as clean as possible I suggest to always use a table cloth and the best thing about this is, you can choose any color that fits with your theme and then you can work from there. I always say that the table cloth is the first step to a beautiful table decor.

5. napkins last but not least, decorate your table with beautiful napkins and the best thing about napkins is that you can do so much with them to spice it up a bit, I, for example, love to wrap my napkins with a beautiful bow, you can also use beautiful napkin holders you can find them in different Home stores. I always think that the napkin really helps to bring you table decor to life and you can use whatever napkin you like in whatever color you want to. It’s such a cute simple idea but it adds so much to your table decor and I have to say picking out napkins is my favorite thing to do for a beautiful table decor.


So these are my tips to create the perfect table decor. I hope I can inspire you

and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by, and Have a Wonderful Day. With lots of love and gratitude.