A Beautiful Simple Easter Decor..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this post with you. If you saw my post yesterday I talked a little bit about the naked cake that I’ve made for my Easter decor and today I wanted to share how I made it. I love baking and I love to watch baking shows. But I always think that it’s too hard and I am not a real kitchen princess but I do love to bake and I definitely love to eat them. So I saw these gorgeous naked cakes on Pinterest and I just decided to make one myself and it was actually really easy to make:


What you need:

For the cake: 2 packs of Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mix oil (I used Sunflower oil) eggs water

For the Buttercream: 2,5 packs of unsalted butter (at room temperature) Icing Suger milk



Make the cake add the eggs, cake mixture, oil, and water together and mix it until it has a smooth consistency.

Add the mixture into a cake tin. Make sure to butter your cake tines so the cakes will not be stuck.

Put the cakes in the oven for 27 minutes each, until the cakes are baked through. ( I baked them each separated)

Make the buttercream, mix 2,5 cubes of butter add 8,5 cups of icing sugar. you can add as much or as less sugar as you want, it depends on how sweet you like it. Add 2 tsp of milk and

mix it all together until it’s all smooth. (if it's not smooth enough at a little bit of milk).

When the cakes are done, get them out of the oven (let them cool off before you’re going to decorate them)

Decorate your cake, cut your cake trough the middle and add buttercream, then stack them up and decorate the top with buttercream as well.

When you are happy with how it turned out you can add some decorations to your cake. I used my Valentine's roses and added some delicious macaroons. You can decorate your cake however you want and with whatever you like.

And then, Eat it!! but try not all at ones.


So this is my secret to an easy but super delicious cake, I just love to use the Betty Crocker packs, they are so easy to use and it tells you exactly how to make it and my cakes always taste delicious. The buttercream is really easy to make as well. But always make sure that your butter is at room temperature that makes it easier to mix it up. you can also add some flavor to your buttercream I used vanilla essence, and you can add some food coloring to your buttercream as well. I hope I can inspire you. how to make this delicious gorgeous cake, and I will see you soon with some new inspiration. Thanks for shopping by, and Have a Lovely Day. With lots of love and gratitude.