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I am so excited to share these beautiful photos with you today. There is nothing that I love more than having a typical English high tea. I am originally from Holland and before I moved to the UK I've never heard of high tea's, scones, or even clotted cream. But that certainly changed when I moved here. There is just something that I truly love about tea time and now it's my favorite time of the day, something that I am looking forward to and I just love to indulge myself with some pretty flowers on my table, some delicious treats and then serve tea in my favorite teacup and teapot. It's just these little things that always make me so happy.

When I am having my tea, I also love to dress up. When I am at home I just love to wear beautiful dresses that I can wear in and around the house. I always feel so much better when I am wearing a pretty dress, I got this beautiful dress last year from Reformation at first I wast sure to buy it because it was quite expensive and well above my price range. But looking back to it I am so happy that I invested in this dress because I truly feel that this dress is timeless and that I will be wearing it for many years to come. I think that this dress is perfect to wear to brunch, high tea with some lovely friends, a nice hot summer day when having a picnic in the garden. this dress is so versatile and I truly love it.

And if you asked me it's the perfect dress for a typical English high tea.