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I just love to wear beautiful floral dresses, especially for summer. I don't know what it is but pretty florals always make me so happy. I just love to dress up, especially in this warmer weather. And I just love to wear beautiful dresses it simply always makes me so happy to wear a pretty floral dress. I've linked some beautiful floral dresses for Summer for you. I think these dresses are perfect especially in this beautiful weather:

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to share this pretty dress with you. I find myself wearing this adorable dress almost every day now, the weather has been so nice, so its the perfect dress to wear on these lovely sunny days. I am so in love with this dress, simply because it's so adorable and I am so in love with the beautiful floral prints. I also love the chiffon fabric which makes it a perfect little dress for Summer. Here are some of my favorite Summer dresses:

I just love how these photos turned out, they remind me a little bit of a modern-day Marie Antionette, simply because of my golden chair. My grandma got me this adorable chair years ago and I am still so in love with it, it's so cute and it reminds me of Marie Antionette with that beautiful golden fabric. I want to collect more of these chairs they are just so beautiful and make me feel like I am living in Versailles (which I wish, hihihi). But I think that these chairs are so adorable and so cute.