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I am so excited to share this look with you today, This entire look is inspired by Loveshackfancy one of my favorite brands. I am wearing this beautiful little dress in my favorite floral print I just love this print so much, simply because of all the pretty pink florals, This has to be my favorite print ever, If you were a floral print this would be it. Because it's still a little bit cold here in the UK I've decided to wear a sweater over this dress which looks perfect because now the dress looks like a little skirt and I just love this look so much. Here you can shop all my favorite Loveshackfancy Dresses that you can pair with a beautiful sweater:

I just love to add a beautiful sweater to a dress it has to be one of my favorite looks, especially with Fall and Winter coming up and it always being so cold here in the UK, adding a sweater to a dress is the perfect look if you asked me. And I am so in love with this beautiful sweater I love the knitted, soft fabric and I also love the shoulder sleeves, which have a little of a puffy sleeve to make it look more feminine and dramatic, I also love that this sweater is slightly shorter so it goes perfect on top of a dress, because it goes perfectly, I think even with a little ruffled skirt it goes so well together. Here are some beautiful sweater to wear with dresses and skirts:

This has to be one of my most favorite looks, I just love how the colors go so well together and it's in my favorite pink shades. I also love the combination of a knitted sweater and a chiffon dress/ skirt. I am so in love with the Loveshackfancy brand, they are selling the most beautiful items and it has to be my favorite brand ever!! I love their pretty floral designs and they are having the most beautiful pieces in their collections. And if it where up to me I would buy all of their products. I also even wear some pretty flowers in my hair, I think that adding flowers is always such a nice touch, even if it's in your home, your hair your bath, flowers always add that something extra to your look or your home. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

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