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I am so excited to share this post with you today. One of the things that I've learned in life is that it's so important to be grateful because I truly feel that it's so easy to look at all the negative things in life but I truly believe that if you are grateful you're feeling much better then instead of focussing on the negative. I know that it's not always easy sometimes you just go through a difficult time and then it's so easy to just look at all the negative things that are there. But I do believe that if you even then focus on the positive things and try to focus on all the things to be grateful for you'll feel so much better and so much happier every day. I know that it's not easy to see the things to be grateful for, most people think that it's money, a bigger house, a bigger car, etc. But I don't believe that anymore don't get me wrong it's always nice to have nice things. But I do believe that you can also be happy with little things, like a beautiful sunrise. a smile from a stranger a hug from your loved ones those are the things that count in life and sometimes we just have a tunnel vision to all the goals we want to achieve the money we want to make, the car we want to buy, that we sometimes forget that true happiness is in the moment. I do believe that if you focus on the things you can be grateful for you'll feel so much happier and I truly believe that.

I always love to look at the little things in life, and I am also learning that it's so important to listen to your feelings and if something makes you feel happy, you should do that more often and if something doesn't make you happy you shouldn't do that anymore. I always used to listen to other people and let them make decisions for me, but I have learned along the way that you are the only one who knows what makes you happy no one can do that for you. Just try to listen to your gut and if something feels right, go for it and if not then there is something else beautiful in store for you. I try to learn to trust my gut more because I realize that it's usually right. Just believe in yourself and even if you make a decision that doesn't turn out the way you hoped just change your plans and learn your lessons out of it. Sometimes when I go through a difficult time and don't feel as confident with my decision I always think about something that my boyfriend tells me all the time he tells me: That you need to be unhappy to know the difference between unhappiness and happiness and when I go through something difficult I always have that on the back of my mind, and I do believe that it's true because the only way to know if you are truly happy is to be unhappy at a certain point in your life and I think that there is a great life lesson in that. We are all here to learn and the only way we can learn is to make mistakes to know what not to do and what we can do better the next time. So just try to listen to your gut if something feels right it's right for you at that moment even if it's only to teach you a valuable lesson. I hope that I can inspire you to realize that we all go through difficult times, simply to acknowledge the happy times and I feel that that's what life is all about to learn and to grow every day. And to learn from your choices every day.

I always love to write in my little notebook/ Diary all the things that I am grateful for, I simply feel that by writing it down it helps me to realize how many beautiful things that I already have and how many things I have to be grateful for. I love to write it down when I wake up, but you can also do it before you go to bed, just write down the things where you are grateful for and you will feel much better about yourself and life and it always really helps me to be in a much better mood and to just be happier and more grateful every day.

I hope I can inspire you to be grateful every day I do believe that if you are grateful and look at all the beautiful things you have and all the things to be thankful for you will feel so much better and you will feel happier as well. I know that it's not always easy to look at the things to be grateful for but it can be something small, or just the fact that you are healthy, or the loved ones you have around you, or even the pretty birds that are singing every morning when you wake up, as you can see there is always something to be grateful for even if it's something small like a delicious cup of tea in the morning it can be anything that makes you feel grateful in the moment. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and hopefully I will see you very soon. Lots of Love Vania

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