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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog and I am so excited to share this beautiful look with you. I found this pretty floral dress from Loveshackfancy and I just love it so much. I love the beautiful floral print, because it reminds me of a Jane Austen or Marie Antionette print. I love to watch beautiful shows, especially Jane Austen drama series. One of my favorite ones has to be Sense and Sensibility. I just love the story so much, it's such a romantic story and I love the costumes that the woman used to wear. Especially the beautiful dresses if it were up to me I would wear these dresses all day long.

I love the beautiful pink bow on this dress it's just so pretty and I love the linen fabric as well, it gives the dress such a vintage touch which I love.

I also love the low neckline and I think that it looks so pretty with a pretty lace bra, or lace-trimmed top underneath as well. This is such a pretty and cute little dress and I just love it so much.