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Hello everyone. I couldn't be more excited to share this video with you today. For a couple of years now I've been on the hunt for beautiful pink velvet pumpkins with beautiful golden stems. But I simply couldn't find them, either they were in the wrong colors, or they weren't the right sizes, and when I did find them on Etsy they were all sold out. That's why this year I just decided to make some myself and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out and I couldn't be more excited than to share today with you how I've made them.

They were surprisingly easy to make, all you need is some fabric ( I used a pink velvet material but you can use any fabric and any colors that you like) then you cut the fabric in a circle little tip I used some plates for the measurements but again you can make them as big or as small as you like. Then you're going to use a needle and some thread, make sure to use a lot of thread because you're going to need it to make the whole pumpkin. Then you get your needle and thread and you stitch around the circle one centimeter from the edge of your fabric then you'll go all around until you have a little pouch/ bag. You fill that pouch with the stuffing ( I've used the stuffing from an old pillow) and you stuff it as full as you like. Once you are happy with the shape of your pumpkin you pull your thread so that the pumpkin gets all closed up, ones you did that you create a little ball-shaped like a pumpkin and you stitch everything together to close it up.. and there you have it a beautiful pumpkin-shaped pumpkin then last but not least you add the stems I ordered mine from Etsy I will link them down below, they also come in copper and silver. But you can also you some cinnamon sticks, you can use some old pumpkin stems, you can make your stems with fabrics, pearls, etc. the sky is the limit you just add the items that you like the most, or you can use the things that you already have lying around in your house. I glued the stems on with some fabric glue and you can also use a glue gun. And there you have it your own velvet pumpkins perfect for the Fall season. I hope I can inspire you..

I hope I can inspire you to make your own beautiful velvet pumpkins.. I had so much fun making this super fun, super easy DIY for you and I just couldn't be happier with how they turned out and I truly hope that you will create some beautiful velvet pumpkins for yourself, and as I said before, you can make them in any color you like, you can make any sizes you like the sky is the limit. Thank you so much for shopping by and hopefully, I will see you very soon with some new inspiration. Lots of Love.

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