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I am so excited to share this post with you. I am so in love with this beautiful dress, This is a dupe of my Loveshackfancy dream dress the Terrence dress you can see it here. Ever since I saw this dress I just fell in love with it, I love the floral print and it truly reminds me of a Jane Austen/ Marie Antionette era dress. I am so in love with the vintage faded rose print, it's so beautiful to me and it reminds me of a print that they've used a lot in these era's usually I go for pink roses, but this time I will make an exception simply because this print takes you to the historic time era that I love so much. It reminds me of the beautiful floral gowns that they've used to make a lot at that time. I also love the silhouette of this dress, this dress comes in three different silhouettes, the Violet dress you can see that dress here, it also comes in the Cosmo dress you can see that dress here and it comes in the Thea dress which you can see here. This print even comes in the gorgeous Jacque Top which can see here.

I just fell in love with this beautiful print, that's why I am so in love with the Loveshackfancy store on Bleecker street. The store is just so beautiful and I feel like that if you would walk into the store you will be transferred into the Victorian time Era it's just breathtaking they've used my beloved print as draped curtains for their fitting rooms, they've used it as a wallpaper throughout the store and they've decorated this beautiful vintage wardrobe with this floral print wallpaper it's such a beautiful store and I would love to visit it someday and treat myself to some beautiful Loveshackfancy pieces. If it were up to me my whole wardrobe would be filled with Loveshackfancy pieces with the most pretty florals and the most beautiful lace gowns that all remind me of the Jane Austen/ Marie Antionette era. Nothing would make me happier. You can see the beautiful Loveshackfancy store on Bleecker Street here.

I hope I can inspire you to come into this beautiful Loveshackfancy world, that's the thing that I love about this brand it's not just a dress or a piece of clothing it's a lifestyle it's a magical vintage-inspired world created into our modern-day life and I always get so inspired by that world and I want to be a part of that world. I think that you do not just buy a dress you invest into a lifestyle filled with florals, lace pieces, dresses, ribbons and all things beautiful and girly and most of all Vintage inspired that's what I truly love about this brand and by wearing their dresses I feel like I am a part of that world and that's such an amazing feeling. I can be the heroine of my own little magical Loveshackfancy inspired story .

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