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Loveshackfancy owner Rebecca Cohen opened this shop in New York Bleecker Street ast years, and ever since I saw it I am so in love with it, the interior is just so beautiful and breathtaking and I truly wished that I could live there, I love everything about the shop from the antique wardrobe with a little haberdashery, the shop surounded by beautiful florals and the gorgeous draping fabrics at the fitting rooms, to the beautiful Vintage rose wallpaper that they've used throughout the store, it's such a dream, and I hope to visit the store someday. I think that if I would ever own a store this would be my dream store it's so Vintage inspired and it's just breathtaking and so beautiful, you can see all the photos from the store here, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Ever since I saw this beautiful dress I just fell in love with it, I am so in love with this beautiful floral print, and it truly reminds me of the Jane Austen and Marie Antionette era, I always have a love for the English countryside and this dress truly reminds me of running around trough the fields in the English countryside, drinking a delicious cup of tea in a beautiful English garden, it's such an enchanted dress and it reminds me of all these beautiful things.

I just love to collect beautiful dresses that are timeless, and I truly think that I will be wearing this dress for years and years to come, That's the thing that I truly love about these dresses, they are timeless and if you are like me having a love for vintage and romantic dresses you will probably love their dresses as well. I really wanted the Terrence dress but it was sold out everywhere, luckily I was able to find this dupe dress on eBay, although it looks like the real Loveshackfancy dress it just isn't the same, the materials are not really up to standard and the colors are a bit different, but I do think that for a dupe this dress is a steal, it was quite cheap and I love how it's made, It looks a lot like the real Loveshackfancy dress, but I do believe that because of the cheap material they've used it's not up to standards but I have to say for the price that I paid I believe it was around fifteen pounds this dress is a good steal. Luckily by a miracle last night I was able to get my hands in the real Loveshackfancy Terrence dress and I couldn't be happier about it I can not wait to see what it looks like, but I will be able to let you know the difference between the real Loveshackfancy dress and this dupe that I am wearing today. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

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