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Hello everyone... I am so excited to share our living room tour with you. I just love how cozy our living room is it is truly my happy place. I decided to paint everything white and to have beautiful white painted furniture, but for the accents, I am going with pretty blush pink colors and beautiful pink and white florals. there is just something about pretty florals that always make me so happy, maybe it had a lot to do with the fact that I worked in a flower shop in Holland for twelve years and I just loved every minute of it. The thing that I loved the most about working in a floral shop was to make beautiful bouquets it was my most favorite thing to do and when the customer always walked out happy with a beautiful bouquet for their loved ones always gave me the best feeling in the world. Now that I am living in the UK there are not as many flower shops and not as many florals as what I am used to and now I realized how spoiled we are in Holland with all these beautiful seasonal flowers all year long but to still enjoy pretty flowers that remind me of Holland I love to wear pretty floral dresses and I made this beautiful flower piece. There is just something about beautiful flowers that always make me so happy and I just love to fill our home with beautiful florals all day long.

I've made this beautiful floral piece myself and I just love how it turned out, I've used a lot of artificial flowers and I just love the look of it. The thing that I loved the most about this floral piece is that because of the artificial flowers these florals last forever. I bought this beautiful silver bowl from TKMAXX and then I purchased some beautiful artificial flowers that I loved some pretty pink roses and a beautiful white hydrangea I also got some pretty pink peonies and some beautiful white roses as well. I got some foam especially for artificial florals from Home Bargains and then I made this beautiful bouquet and I just love how it turned out it looks so beautiful on our table and I can look at it all day long. The thing that I really loved about this floral piece it has different angles so if you want some peonies you turn it to the peonies if you want some roses you turn it around to see the roses and if you want a beautiful pink white hydrangea you turn it around so you see the beautiful white hydrangea I just love how timeless and classic it looks and I just had so much fun making this beautiful piece. Here you can find all the products that I've used to create this beautiful floral piece:

This is our beautiful shabby chic inspired cozy living room. I just love to decorate our home with pretty florals.. for some reason they always make me so happy. and I just love to incorporate beautiful floral pieces in our home. This was our living room tour.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day.. lots of love

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