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Hello everyone. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I know that we are all in full Christmas mode I know I am Christmas cannot start too early this year for me and I already started decorating putting our tree up and truly enjoying every minute of the magical Christmas season.. I still wanted to look back a little bit at my Fall decoration. Normally I never really go full out for the Fall season for some reason the weather changing and it's getting darker earlier isn't really good for my mood I always get a huge winter dip around Fall time... But it didn't stop me this year from decorating and to enjoy the beautiful season of changing. I know change can be a hard thing especially for me... But I am slowly starting to learn to embrace it and to see life more as a journey instead of something that will last forever.. I've learned along the way that we truly have to enjoy those beautiful moments that we share with our loved ones knowing that we are all growing and that we are all changing and that life is changing with us from time to time, and instead of seeing this as a bad thing I am starting to learn to embrace it and to see what beautiful things life has to offer and what's more in store for us. I know it's been a difficult year for everyone. But I do hope that one day we can all look back and say we needed this, we needed this slow pace of speed we needed this time to heal or even grow and get ready for better and more beautiful things. I hope I can inspire you to embrace this beautiful season and to know that change can be a good thing and doesn't necessarily have to be bad. But to embrace all the beautiful things life has to offer, and that after rain always comes sunshine.

I still had an amazing Fall season, I got this beautiful Fall mug from House of Sydane you can find it here. I think that it's so adorable and it truly brings me into the Fall season. I also made a beautiful youtube video on how to feel like a Fall princess you can find it here, and I even made my own pink velvet pumpkins with golden stems you can find the DIY project here. I really had a wonderful season and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. The thing that I really love about the Fall season is to get cozy to wear your beautiful cozy sweaters and PJ's to drink some delicious hot chocolate all day long.. to light your favorite Fall candle and make your home smell like cinnamon and pumpkin spice. to get all cozy on the couch with a nice soft blanket and some cozy socks, and to watch your favorite shows on Netflix I loved watching Gilmore Girls for the first time this year and I just loved it so much and it truly brought me into the Fall season, there is so much that I just love about this wonderful season. And I truly enjoyed every minute of it.