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Hello everyone.. I am so excited to share my Christmas table with you.. I have decorated our Christmas table inspired by the Nutcracker ballet, I just love the Nutcracker Ballet so much it truly helps me to come into the Christmas spirit and I just adore the beautiful music, the costumes, and the breathtaking decor. I also love the beautiful pink and golden colors that the sugar plum fairy is wearing that's truly where this table decor is inspired by the sugar plum fairy and the land of sweets. I always wanted to decorate our table inspired by the Nutcracker ballet I did one as well two years ago you can find it here and I also did a Nutcracker ballet-inspired table last year you can find it here. But I have to admit this year is my favorite because it's truly inspired by my most favorite piece in the ballet which is the dance of the sugar plum fairy, the waltzing flowers and the land of sweets, I just love the music and the decor so much and it truly is the inspiration for my Christmas table this year.

I also even have the sugarplum fairy this year, made by the sweetest and most talented Bella Bow Fairies she makes the most enchanting fairies you can find them here, and I am so happy that this year I could add the most beautiful sugarplum fairy to my Nutcracker Ballet inspired table decor. I love how this table turned out, I even got found these beautiful pink feathered trees from Home Bargains and they're truly so beautiful they go so well with my sugarplum fairy theme and I just love them so much. I also added some beautiful flowers to the table which represents the waltzing flowers who I also love so much in the ballet the music and the costumes are so beautiful and so inspiring.