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Hello, everyone.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I cannnot believe that Christmas is already in full swing, I don't know about you.. but here it definitely is.. Christmas couldn't start too early this year for me and I think that I speak for everyone when I am saying that we can all use some extra Christmas cheer and that we all can use some miracles especially in these uncertain times. I've found this beautiful Loveshackfancy dress for the holiday season and as soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to wear this beautiful dress for Christmas, simply because it reminds me of Clara from the Nutcracker, my Christmas theme this year is definitely the Nutcracker ballet I just love it so much, every morning when I wake up the first things I do is to light my Christmas tree, light my favorite Christmas candle which is the Yankee snowflake cookie candle which makes our home smells like freshly baked cookies and then I put on the nutcracker ballet. I think that everything just looks so beautiful I love the beautiful dresses they're wearing and the beautiful decor and of course the beautiful music it really brings me into the Christmas spirit and I just love it so much and this beautiful Loveshackfancy dress reminds me of Clara from the Nutcracker.

I just love the beautiful dress, I just love the puffy sleeves which reminds me of a beautiful vintage dress for the 19th century I just love to get inspired by beautiful dresses of these historic times, that's what I love about the Nutcracker ballet and what inspires me so much, at the beginning of the ballet you see the parents and children on a Christmas party and the children especially the little girls are wearing these beautiful nightgowns with puffy sleeves, made from a flowy material and they're wearing beautiful pink satin bows in their hair and if you asked me that's the perfect outfit to wear on Christmas especially on Christmas eve when you're all home baking cookies, drinking hot cocoa and opening presents. Christmas is always such a magical time and the nutcracker ballet truly helps me to come into the magical spirit of Christmas. especially the beautiful music is really bringing me into the Christmas spirit. Here are some beautiful dresses to wear at Christmas inspired by Clara and the Nutcracker ballet: