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Hallo my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. Today I wanted to share some tips for how to create a dreamy elegant morning routine. I just love to have relaxing mornings that make me feel like a princess and I am so excited to share my dreamy elegant morning routine tips with you..

Tip 1 Start the morning with a delicious cup of chamomile rose tea

I just love to start my mornings with a delicious cup of tea, I usually have a chamomile rose tea it always makes me so relax and it really gives me some time to slowly waking up and to be refreshed for the day ahead. I used to drink coffee but ever since a couple of years I started drinking tea, I've noticed that coffee usually made me feel stressed, and it also gave me anxiety, To feel less anxious and to feel more relaxed during the day I decided to start my morning with a delicious cup of chamomile tea simply because it relaxes me and it makes me feel refreshed enough for the day ahead and it tastes really delicious as well, I also love to have my tea in my favorite little vintage teacup and I love to add some delicious roses petals in there as well to make it look and taste even more delicious.

Tip 2 Wear some beautiful elegant lingerie pieces

I just love to wear beautiful lace elegant lingerie pieces, especially in the morning when I am waking up, I've noticed recently that when you are wearing beautiful lingerie you will feel so much more elegant and more beautiful. I read that in an article a little while ago and I decided to start wearing beautiful lace pieces that made me feel elegant and it truly helps.. I feel so much more beautiful and elegant simply by wearing some beautiful lace lingerie pieces.. I am wearing this beautiful lace bodysuit that I actually got from Primark and it's just so beautiful and so elegant and I just love to wear it in the morning while I am making myself a delicious cup of chamomile rose tea.