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Hello Everyone.. I am so excited to share my Bridgerton Inspired High Tea at home with you.. I am so in love with the new Netflix Bridgerton series If you haven't watched it yet you can watch the trailer here. Everything just looks so beautiful and so inspiring to me. It's a beautiful love story set in the early 1800's I truly wished that I lived in that time period I just loved the beautiful dresses that the woman used to wear, I love how they decorated their home in beautiful pastel colors and I love their lifestyle and how the woman used to go to a ball to find an eligible suitor, everything just looks so romantic and so beautiful to me and sometimes I truly wished that I loved in that time era.

I just love to have some tea, especially while watching my beloved Netflix Bridgerton series, I created this wonderful afternoon tea inspired by the Bridgerton series. I have some delicious scones I added some powdered sugar and a pretty rose on the scones to make them look extra pretty. I also have my favorite floral teapot to serve my tea in and I added my favorite floral plates in pretty pastel colors inspired by the Bridgerton series. I also have my favorite floral teacup with pretty pastel florals to have my tea in, and I love to have some milk in my tea as well. I also have some delicious macaroons in pretty pastel colors and they are so delicious, I just love to have some macaroons with my tea. I also added some of my cozy shabby chic pillows where I can just sit back and relax while having my tea. All of these pretty pastel colors are inspired by the beautiful dresses in the Bridgerton series. I am just so in love with all of the pretty dresses and I truly wished that we could dress in those beautiful dresses again and wear them all day long. Here are some of my favorite Bridgerton Inspired High Tea pieces:

I also made this beautiful mood board inspired by my Bridgerton Inspired High tea, I had so much fun making this beautiful video for you and I truly hope that I can inspire you, There is nothing that I love more than to spoil myself and my loved ones with a delightful afternoon tea and to treat myself with some delicious macaroons and to have some delicious scones. I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy health, and happiness. May you can spend it with your loved ones.. Lots of Love Vania

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