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Hello Everyone. I am so excited to share my new youtube video with you today. Actually, I've made this video last year around the Fall season.. but then Christmas quickly came around and I totally forget to share this little DIY video with you. This video has to be one of my most favorite DIY projects ever!! So I really still wanted to share it with you. I think that you probably know by now that Loveshackfancy is one of my most favorite brands you can find the shop here. I just love everything that they sell they're selling the most beautiful dresses, skirts home products and they also are selling the most beautiful sweaters and cardigans and if it were up to me I would own all of their pieces. and hopefully one day I will. But I can understand that for you and even for me their pieces are a little bit above your price range ( I know that is the case for me sometimes) but when I saw this beautiful cardigan with floral buttons I just have to have it. But when I wanted to order it and with the taxes and delivery costs on top of it ( sometimes the delivery costs from the USA to the Uk costs between £70,- and £90 the cost were over £ 500,- pounds and I just simply couldn't afford it for a cardigan at the time how much I wanted it, it just got too expensive. So I decided to create one myself. First I looked for a similar-looking Cardigan I've found a beautiful one at Nastygal you can find it here and now it's one sale as well which is amazing it now only costs £ 8,- but I will link some similar options as well. Then I ordered some beautiful floral buttons from Etsy I've found some beautiful ones here. But I will link some more down below. Then you just need some pink thread and a needle. You just take off the old buttons I just cut them of with some scissors. ones you did that you just add the floral buttons to the cardigan it's very simple and super easy to do and if it doesn't work on the first try you just try it again you will get it, in the end, I am sure of it, it took me a couple of practices as well. Once you sew all the buttons to the cardigan you have a beautiful Loveshackfancy-inspired cardigan with floral buttons. I used a pink cardigan and pink button but you can use any color and buttons that you like. just make sure that the buttons are over 2 cm they have to be quite big to add this beautiful effect to your cardigan. Here you can shop all the products:

You can watch the video of this DIY here. I am just so in love with how this little DIY project turned out and I am so happy that I was able to make this beautiful Loveshackfancy inspired Cardigan with floral buttons. I love to wear this beautiful cardigan with beautiful dresses, or even with a skirt for the summer and you can also wear it with some jeans it's versatile. I went a couple of sizes down with this cardigan I ordered an XS so that it looked really tight just like the Loveshackfancy version, but you can also use a bigger size it just depends how you would like to wear it. I had so much fun creating this little DIY for you and I truly hope I can inspire you. I also made this beautiful moodboard.

Here you can see the Loveshackfancy version and the DIY version and the costs of the different cardigans. I truly hope I can inspire you to create your own Loveshackfancy Inspired Cardigan and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of Love Joy Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones. Sending you lots of Love.

You can watch:


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