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Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this post with you.. Ever since I started blogging I have collected a lot of accessories, I usually put them under our bed (we are having big drawers there) or I hang them in my closet. They were usually collecting dust and with some accessories, I forgot that I even had them. So I decided to put some closets in our Office room and I couldn’t be happier with them they are really easy to put together and they were really cheap you can find them here at IKEA. Everything just looks so much more prettier now, that I have it on display and I love all the colors that I have collected over the years. All of my accessories are in all of my favorite colors. And today I wanted to share all of my favorite accessories with you and where you can find them:


1. Bags

I just love my collection of bags, my most special one has to me my Pink Chanel bag, I just love it so much and it's my favorite bag ever. When I didn’t had my Chanel bag, I was wearing my saddle bags a lot and you can find them here and here. I also love my pink studded bag it's one of my favorites and I just love the beautiful details on it. One of my favorite bags that I got this Summer has to be my pink round bag, I love it so much and I was wearing it all summer long, here you can shop all my favorite bags:

luxury Bags:

Bag 1| Bag 2| Bag 3| Bag 4| Bag 5| Bag 6| Bag 7| Bag 8| Bag 9|Bag 10| Bag 11| Bag 12| Bag 13| Bag 14| Bag 15

Designer Dupes Bags:

Bag 1| Bag 2| Bag 3| Bag 4|