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Hello Everyone

I am so excited to share this post with you. Today I want to share 6 ways to create a luxury looking closet for less. I love pretty things and I wanted to have a closet like this for so many years and one day I just decided that I can create a closet like this as well and it doesn't have to break your budget at all, so here are 6 tips to create a luxury looking closet for less.


1. Built your Closet

I got my closet from IKEA I just purchased the bookcases and they were quite cheap. I think that they were around £ 35 each, you can find them here and they are super easy to put together and you can customize them any way you want they have little holes for the shelves so you can customize them in any sizes you like. You can also purchase the wardrobe at IKEA which is a little moreover a £ 400 each but it’s definitely worth it, it’s so beautiful and again just like the bookshelves you can customize them any way you want, and they are really easy to put together as well. I choose this time for the bookshelves but I am hoping in the future to invest in the wardrobe.

Here I have linked all the IKEA wardrobe hacks for you:

Closet 1| Closet 2|Closet 3| Closet 4|Closet 5| Closet 6| Closet 7

2. Bags

I love beautiful bags and especially designer bags, but for some reason, the designer bags are so expensive so I have a few little secrets were to get some cheap designer looking bags from. The first shop that I love that’s selling beautiful designer looking bags is Shein they are selling the most gorgeous bags in the most beautiful colors and their designer looking bags are always looking like the real thing, I don't know how they do it but they honestly do, I own two CHLOE drew designer bag dupes and many of you guys thought that they were the real CHLOE ones that’s how much they look like the designer bags. I also love to purchase designer looking bags on Amazone they are having so many gorgeous products and when you shop around a little on Amazone you will find amazing products and a lot of designer dupes as well.

Here I've linked all my favorite designer looking bags for you:

Bag 1| Bag 2| Bag 3| Bag 4| Bag 5| Bag 6| Bag 7| Bag 8| Bag 9|Bag 10| Bag 11| Bag 12| Bag 13| Bag 14| Bag 15| Bag 16| Bag 17

3. Shoes