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I am so excited to share this post with you. Today I want to share 6 ways to create a luxury looking closet for less. I love pretty things and I wanted to have a closet like this for so many years and one day I just decided that I can create a closet like this as well and it doesn't have to break your budget at all, so here are 6 tips to create a luxury looking closet for less.


1. Built your Closet

I got my closet from IKEA I just purchased the bookcases and they were quite cheap. I think that they were around £ 35 each, you can find them here and they are super easy to put together and you can customize them any way you want they have little holes for the shelves so you can customize them in any sizes you like. You can also purchase the wardrobe at IKEA which is a little moreover a £ 400 each but it’s definitely worth it, it’s so beautiful and again just like the bookshelves you can customize them any way you want, and they are really easy to put together as well. I choose this time for the bookshelves but I am hoping in the future to invest in the wardrobe.

Here I have linked all the IKEA wardrobe hacks for you:

Closet 1| Closet 2|Closet 3| Closet 4|Closet 5| Closet 6| Closet 7

2. Bags

I love beautiful bags and especially designer bags, but for some reason, the designer bags are so expensive so I have a few little secrets were to get some cheap designer looking bags from. The first shop that I love that’s selling beautiful designer looking bags is Shein they are selling the most gorgeous bags in the most beautiful colors and their designer looking bags are always looking like the real thing, I don't know how they do it but they honestly do, I own two CHLOE drew designer bag dupes and many of you guys thought that they were the real CHLOE ones that’s how much they look like the designer bags. I also love to purchase designer looking bags on Amazone they are having so many gorgeous products and when you shop around a little on Amazone you will find amazing products and a lot of designer dupes as well.

Here I've linked all my favorite designer looking bags for you:

Bag 1| Bag 2| Bag 3| Bag 4| Bag 5| Bag 6| Bag 7| Bag 8| Bag 9|Bag 10| Bag 11| Bag 12| Bag 13| Bag 14| Bag 15| Bag 16| Bag 17

3. Shoes

I love to collect beautiful heels and I am always on the lookout for pretty designer looking heels in beautiful colors. I find a lot of my heels from Amazone, or even on eBay. I always like to go for pretty colors I think that when you built your wardrobe you can have it in any color you like, so go with your favorite pieces and accessories and try to mix and match with the colors you love. You can also only display the accessories in the color scheme you like and the rest you can hide in your normal wardrobe (the one that’s not on display) Sometimes when I have something in mind I will just leave that space in my closet or fill it with something old to later replace it with what I’ve been looking for and that works like a charm because it helps me to focus on the color and product were I am looking for, I even found some Valentino dupes at Primark one time, so yeah you can find your heels from everywhere just decide on a color theme and go from there.

Here I’ve linked all my favorite designer looking shoes for you:

Heels 1| Heels 2| Heels 3| Heels 4| Heels 5| Heels 6| Heels 7| Heels 8| Heels 9|Heels 10| Heels 11| Heels 12| Heels 13| Heels 14

4. Coffee table books

Coffee table books are an easy way to make your wardrobe looks expensive and it doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money, you just collect some pretty books from around your house or your purchase some from Amazone (in your favorite colors) and you just display them in your wardrobe. There are also a few DIY projects that you can find online. here you can watch one of my favorite videos some easy way to do DIY some expensive-looking designer coffee table books.

Here I’ve linked all my favorite designer looking coffee table books.

Coffee Tabel books 1| Coffee Tabel books 2|Coffee Tabel books 3| Coffee Tabel books 4|Coffee Tabel books 5| Coffee Table books 6|Coffee Table books 7

5. Flowers

I just love to add some flowers to my wardrobe, you can just go to your local store and pick some of your favorite flowers and you can display them in your wardrobe, just make sure that your flowers match with your color scheme.

Here I’ve linked all of my favorite flowers for you:

Flowers 1|Flowers 2|Flowers 3|Flowers 4|Flowers 5|Flowers 6|Flowers 7|Flowers 8|Flowers 9|Flowers 10

6. Display your favorite dresses

I bought this beautiful little clothing rack and I put it next to my closet, so it looks like an extension of my wardrobe and I just displayed all my favorite dresses on there I made sure that these were my most beautiful dresses and that they match with my accessories. I think that it’s such an easy and cheap way to just buy some clothing racks and display your dresses. It looks so beautiful and it almost makes your room looks like a little shop while you display your dresses like that and a bonus is that it keeps your dresses pretty so you don't have to fold them in your wardrobe or anything. You can nicely display them on your clothing rack and it makes it so much easier in the morning to pick out your dresses and accessories.

Here I’ve linked all my favorite dresses and clothing racks.

Clothing Rack | Dress 1| Dress 2| Dress 3| Dress 4|Dress 5| Dress 6| Dress 7| Dress 8|Dress 9| Dress 10| Dress 11


These were some of my tips to create a beautiful luxury closet for less, we can all now own a wardrobe like this and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money and again you can make it as expensive and cheap as you like, for me it only cost me around £150 for the wardrobes a lot of accessories I already had laying around in my house and you just go from there decide what you want to display and you can safe up for it or look for a similar looking product for much cheaper on websites like Amazone, Aliexpress and eBay. That’s how I usually do it when I can’t afford the items that want I just go to these websites for something similar-looking and I always find something just as pretty as the expensive designer version, you can also look for designer second hand pieces on Amazone and eBay you can usually get something from the fraction of the price. So yeah I hope that I can inspire you with these tips and that you can create your own luxury wardrobe for much less!!

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