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I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I just love the Easter Season it’s one of my most favorite holidays, everything looks so pretty and I just love all the pretty pastel colors. I just love to have a wonderful high tea at home, especially for the Easter Holiday Season..

Decorate your Home for the Easter Holiday Season

I just love to create a wonderful high tea at home with some delicious treats like some delicious Meringue nests, some Easter cakes and a beautiful floral Easter Piece. I just love to decorate our table for the Easter Season and to have a wonderful High Tea with some delicious Easter treats, I also like to decorate our table with some adorable bunny ornaments, I just got the most beautiful bunny ornaments that I’ve found at TK MAXX.. I also like to add some pretty bunny plates I just love to have all my favorite Easter treats on my favorite bunny plates, I also love to add my favourite vintage teapot and teacup to our table to make it look extra pretty and to have a wonderful high tea at home for the Easter Season.

Make a Beautiful Floral piece for the Easter Holiday

I’ve made this beautiful floral piece for Easter, I’ve found this pretty pink basket at Poundland and I thought that it’s just so pretty, especially for the Easter Season.. Then I went online to Amazon and I picked out some beautiful hydrangeas in pretty pink and champagne colors. This Floral piece was very easy to make, You just get your pretty pink basket add an oasis block and add your flowers in there, It’s so easy to make and it truly looks so beautiful with all the pretty florals. I also added some beautiful white roses I found these at the Range. I just love to make a beautiful floral piece for the Easter Season and I truly love how this one turned out, I will be sharing a tutorial on my Youtube video next Saturday you can watch it here

Make some pretty Pastel Easter Eggs Meringue nests

These little Meringue nests are so easy and so fun to make, you just get some Meringue nests ( I like to get mine from our local supermarket ) Then you get some pastel eggs and some pink cotton candy, You basically start by making a little nest with the cotton candy on the Meringue nest, ones you are happy with your little nest you add three pastel eggs in them, such a lovely treat for Easter and so much fun to make, You can even make these with you children and family members these are so fun to make and are tasting really delicious as well..