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Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. Lately, I just love to make beautiful cakes you can watch my heart-shaped cake tutorial here.. There is just something about cake decorating that I love so much.. I see so many beautiful cakes on Instagram and TikTok that I just had to make some beautiful cakes of my own.

I made this beautiful princess inspired cake which I love so much I just love the beautiful pink and white frosting and it turned out so pretty.. To make this cake I’ve used I £1,- Tesco coconut cake.. then I used a glass to cut out a Little circle cake.. Then I decorated the cake with some white frosting.. First I added the crumb layer, then with a spatula I made it all nice and smooth when I finished the crumb coating I added the cake to the freezer.. Then I took it out of the Freezer and added another layer of frosting on top of the crumb coating.. When everything looked nice and smooth I added the cake to the freezer for a little while.. Then after around 30 minutes I took it out of the freezer and started decorating the cake.. I’ve used a piping bag with a little start swirl and I added a swirl around the cake from pink frosting.. Then I added some pretty pink piped roses to the cake as well..