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Hallo Everyone.. I am so excited to share my Christmas Posts with you today.. I cannot believe that Christmas is only five days away (time flies by so fast) and I still have so many posts to share with you in these couple of days, so I decided to posts loads just before Christmas as a little Christmas present and hopefully, I can inspire you during this festive season. I just love this festive holiday season so much and this year I’ve been so inspired by the Nutcracker ballet, My most favorite Christmas tradition is to make myself some delicious fresh-baked pancakes with some caster sugar, Light my favorite Christmas candle which is the Snowflake Cookies Yankee candle you can find it here, I make myself a delicious cup of chocolate milk, and a delusion cup of tea with some honey. Then I turn on the lights of my Christmas tree. I am wearing my favorite nightgown and watch the Nutcracker ballet I am watching the 1993 version of the Nutcracker you can find it here, at the moment and I just love it so much, It’s almost like a little movie and the music is just so beautiful and so enchanting, and it truly brings me into the Christmas spirit. My favorite part is when Clara and the Prince arrive in the land of sweets and everything just looks so beautiful and magical. The sugar plum fairy is my favorite and I also love the waltzing flowers, everything just looks so beautiful and magical to me and I just get into the Christmas spirit simply by starting my day indulge myself in all these delicious treats, and to watch and listen to the beautiful Nutcracker ballet. It's one of my most favorite traditions and it makes my Christmas extra more special and magical.. Here you can find some beautiful Christmas Decorations inspired by the Nutcracker ballet:

I also love to dress in beautiful dresses and nightgowns during the festive season, I am always so inspired by Clara she just looks so beautiful and so enchanting, and if you asked me her beautiful nightgowns are the perfect dresses to wear during this magical season. I also love to wear a beautiful satin bow in my hair, I think it just looks so magical and so beautiful and it truly makes me feel like Clara. I also love to wear pretty tulle skirts and dresses which reminded me of the Sugarplum fairy, The Christmas holidays are my favorite time of the years and there is nothing that I love more than to dress up in beautiful nightgowns and pretty pink dresses here are some of my favorite nightgowns and dresses for the festive season: