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Hello, everyone... I am so excited to finally share my shabby chic pink princess home tour with you. It has been requested by you, a couple of times and I am so happy to finally share it with you. I just love our home it truly is my happy place. My home decor is inspired by Rachel Ashwell’s shabby chic style, I love that style so much and I have been loving it for many many years. I remember when I still lived in Holland in a really tiny home I’ve always dreamed about decorating my home shabby chic but at that time I couldn’t really afford the beautiful petticoat bedding which I loved so much. When we moved to the UK the first thing I did was to purchase some ruffled pillows from the H&M home website they had the cutest collections back then, then after living here in the UK for a couple of years I was finally able to afford my favorite pink shabby chic bedding you can find the blogpost here. I was so happy when it finally arrived after been dreaming about it for so long (almost four years) I truly couldn’t believe that I was finally able to purchase my dream bedding and I am still so happy with it. You can shop all of my favorite Shabby chic bedding here

Then a year after I bought my dream bedding. I decided to buy the white tufted headboard I just love it so much you can find the blogpost here, and I think that it just goes so well with my shabby chic bedding. I also purchased a cute little nightstand from Dunelm you can find it here, and I just love how this room turned out. I also had an old brown drawer that I brought with me from my childhood home and I painted it all white I put a mirror on it and that’s where I like to do my makeup and my nightly routine. I love how our bedroom turned out it's one of my most favorite rooms of the house. Then there is the living room which is my second favorite room of the house we purchased this comfy white couch from IKEA years ago and I have to say I still love it very much and it goes so well with my favorite shabby chic style. I added some cozy blankets and a lot of cozy pillows to my couch and we love to sit here and watch tv, (me and my sweet little family love to watch a lot of television LOL). Then I got my favorite Loveshackfancy dresses hanging in my living room I know it sounds a bit weird but it does work very well and it almost makes our living room looks like a little boutique which has always been my dream to own my little boutique someday. Then I got my dining room table which I got from my grandma years ago and I painted it all white, I love to decorate our table for all the different seasons, I love to decorate it for Christmas, for Easter, Fall, Valentine's Day, Birthdays and so on I just love this little space so much and I love to change it up every season. The floral piece on our table I made myself with flowers that I’ve collected from Amazone over the years and I love to add it to our dining table it’s just so beautiful and it truly represents my favorite colors which are white and pink and it truly reminds me of my beloved shabby chic style. I love that these are faux flowers because it’s very hard to get pretty fresh flowers here in the UK but this is an amazing alternative. Shop our shabby chic home decor here:

Then last but not least you’ll have my closet/ computer room/ office. This is the room where all the magic happens LOL, I am sharing this room with my boyfriend ( he likes to game in here and now with the pandemic, this is where he works from home as well ) I didn’t show you his little corner because it’s all black and it doesn’t go with my aesthetics at all. But I do love my little office/ closet space I added some beautiful moldboards which are inspiring me very much and if you look closely you will see a lot of Christmas inspiration as well because Christmas is my favorite and every year I am looking forward to my favorite holiday, I also love to add some sweet memories and all my dreams and wishes for the future on this mood board and simply by looking at it, I always get so happy it's truly in my favorite shabby chic style and when I am not inspired or if I am in some need of inspiration I just love to look at it and it always makes me so happy. I also have some of my favorite dresses hanging in this room, these are the dresses that I love to wear for photoshoots or even for videos for my blog. I also have my accessories closet in here with all of my favorite accessories. I love to add some new accessories to my closet but I always try to make sure that all of my accessories go with my favorite dresses. So you’ll see a lot of pink and neutral colors with some gold accents. I just love the combination of pink and gold together it just looks so beautiful to me, then there is my little desk in this room with my laptop some flowers, some of my favorite magazines, and a little guardian angel that I got for my birthday from my sweetest friend.

Well, this was our home tour, I hope I can inspire you, I had so much fun making this video for you and I truly hope you enjoy this video. I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy health, and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones.

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