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Hello my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. with the holiday season just coming to an end we still have a few months of winter left.. Usually, I don’t really like these months when Christmas and New Year’s are just over and we are supposed to put our Christmas decor down.. and we are all very anxious for the Spring season to start but sadly we still have to wait a couple more months and being in the terrible cold without all the fun holiday festivities.. So I thought how fun would it be if we bring our true Elsa out (the Ice Princess from the Disney’s Frozen movie) and do some amazing activities to feel like a true winter princess.. we still have these months left and we might as well make the most of it, just before everything melts away and Spring and Summer are just around the corner.. Here are 10 tips to feel like a true winter princess..

1. Go Ice skating

I just love to go ice skating, especially in the winter months.. Get yourself some beautiful skates and go ice skating between all the beautiful winter twinkling lights.. and feel like a beautiful winter princess..

2. Bake some Snowflake Cookies

I just love to bake especially in the Winter time and bake some delicious snowflake cookies and decorate them in pretty light pink and light blue icing.. and feel like a true winter princess while making these delicious snowflake cookies..

3. Decorate your Home with some Magical Twinkling Fairy Lights

Feel like a true winter princess and decorate your home/ room with some beautiful fairy lights, to make your home look very pretty and sparkly for the winter season..

4. Wear some Beautiful Pink Knitted gloves