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Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this new post with you.. Today I wanted to share some wonderful tips for how to have a shabby chic princess-inspired morning routine. I just love to have a nice and easy morning routine and I am so excited to share some of these amazing tips with you:

Make yourself a Delicious Cup of Tea in your Favorite Vintage Teacup

The first thing that I love to do when I wake up is to make myself a delicious cup of tea.. I like to take out my favourite vintage china tea cup and my favourite teapot and make myself some tea.. My favourite tea in the morning is chamomile tea.. It always helps me to relax and get ready for the day ahead.. I also love to add some rose petals to my tea to make it taste extra more delicious.

Bake a Cake and Treat yourself to a Piece of Cake for Breakfast

These days I just love to bake something from scratch.. ever since the Summer started I’ve been baking more and more and I just love to bake something.. I also love to bake myself a delicious cake decorated with some fresh strawberries and some pink buttercream.. I just love how heavenly a fresh baked cake makes our home smell and I love to treat myself to a delicious piece of cake in the morning with my tea such a lovely treat..

Fill your Bed with the most Beautiful Vintage Satin Pillows in Pastel Colors

I just love to fill our bed with the most beautiful pillows.. I love to collect beautiful white and ruffled pillows.. I also love to collect beautiful floral ones and lately I’ve been collecting silk pillows as well.. I just love how soft they feel and I love to decorate our bed with the most beautiful satin pillows in the prettiest pastel colours.. I just love to surround myself with the most beautiful pillows.

Fill your Home with the most Beautiful Blush Pink Roses

I just love to fill our home with the most beautiful flowers.. My favourite flowers are blush pink roses.. I just love how beautiful they look and by simply having some flowers in our home I always feel so much more happier there is just something so enchanting about having beautiful flowers in your home..

Wear some Beautiful Vintage Lace Lingerie Pieces with Pretty Florals

I just love to collect some beautiful vintage lace lingerie pieces.. They always look so feminine and so beautiful.. There is just something so beautiful about wearing vintage lace lingerie pieces I also love to add some pretty floral to my lingerie pieces as well it truly looks so beautiful and so elegant.

You Dream of Living in the most Beautiful Pink House with a Porch

I always love to dream and it truly is my dream to live in a beautiful pink or white wooden house with a porch.. There is just something about wooden houses that I love so much they really remind me of little house on the prairie and they remind me of the simple lifestyle of loving in the countryside.. There is just something so beautiful about a wooden house in the countryside with a porch.