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Hello sweet princes and princesses.. I hope you have had the most magical Christmas Holiday Season so far.. This has to be one of my most favourite seasons and I am so excited to share this post with you today.. Today I wanted to share some wonderful tips for How to create a Beautiful Christmas Dining table.. Every year I love to decorate our dining table for the Holiday Season.. Last year I went for a Nutcracker theme you can watch it here and the year before I went for a Pink Winter Wonderland theme you can watch it here.. and this year I am going for a Swan Lake/ Ballerina theme.. I just love to have a different theme every year for the Holiday season it’s always so much fun to come up with new ideas and to decorate our home.. But usually, I am always sticking with pretty pink colors.. simply because I love pink so much.. So you can expect a lot of pink and girly influences on my Christmas decorations.. Today I wanted to share some tips for How to create a Beautiful Christmas Dining table..

Add a Beautiful Table Cloth to your Table

The first thing that I love to do is to add a beautiful lace and ruffled tablecloth to our table.. I think that it makes your table looks so much more elegant when you add a pretty tablecloth on there.. It can really transform your table and is the perfect base for your Christmas table..

Add some Fairy Lights

I just love it add some pretty fairy lights to my table.. To me, it doesn’t really matter if it’s Christmas or not.. I just like to have fairy lights in our home all year long.. Although I have to admit that it looks much more magical and festive in the Christmas Holiday Season.. Especially with the Christmas tree.. I just love how pretty it looks.