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Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today. I am so excited that the Summer season is still here.. I just love it when it's warm outside and I can wear beautiful dresses all day long, go outside have a wonderful picnic and too just enjoy the beautiful sunshine.. And with this beautiful weather I thought it would be so much fun to share some tips for How to feel like a Cottage Core princess in the Summer season:

Bake some Delicious Treats like some Fresh Baked Cake and Cookies

I just love to bake some delicious treats.. Especially in the Summer I recently baked some shortbread cookies and decorated them with some sugared rose petals and some pink glaze.. They were truly so delicious and I just love to bake something from scratch.. Baking is just so calming and relaxing and it’s the best way to spend the day doing a little bit of baking and decorating.. and I love that your home smells heavenly.

Pick some Beautiful Flowers Outside and fill your home with them..

I just love to fill our home with the most beautiful flowers and there is nothing that I love more than to pick some beautiful flowers outside and put them in a nice little vase at home.. Then to add them in some water and watch your flowers bloom.. I just love to have fresh flowers in our home they always look so beautiful and I always feel so much better when our home is filled with the most beautiful flowers.

You would Love to Live in a Beautiful Cottage in the Woods next to a Little Pond

One of my dreams is to own a little cottage in the woods someday.. I’ve been dreaming about that for as long as I can remember a little white house with a little white porch and a cute little chair on the porch a little pond and a white fence surrounded by some pink rosebushes.. a fireplace and a lovely home surrounded by nature and cute animals that will come to visit and say hello.. I am so lucky to live in the UK which means that this dream isn’t as far from reality that I live in now.. We are having a lovely home in a nice neighborhood it’s really quiet and we are surrounded by beautiful nature and on walking distance from the beach.. We are having cute animals that are coming to visit often in our garden like some squirrels, some cute tiny little birds and some foxes, sometimes we're having some frogs and hedgehogs in our garden and when we are going for a walk we will see a little deer often, and some cute little bunnies. I just love that by living in the UK we are surrounded by all of these lovely animals.. It truly makes me feel like a princess to go outside and to be greeted by all the beauty our nature has to offer and it just brings me so much joy to live here, and to see all of my cottage princess dreams come true..

Have a Delicious cup of herbal tea in your favourite Vintage Teacup

There is nothing that I love more than to make myself a delicious cup of herbal tea.. Just get your favorite herbs and your favorite little vintage teacup and make yourself a delicious cup of tea.. You can also add some fresh rose buds to your tea, some lemon and some honey to make it taste extra more delicious.