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I am so excited to share this post with you today.. Today I am sharing some wonderful tips for how to feel like a Princess during the Christmas Holliday season.. Christmas has to be one of my most favorite holidays I just love to enjoy this magical season and I truly hope that I can inspire you to feel like a Christmas Princess during the Holiday season..

Wear your Favorite Dress and Dance and Twirl Around your Christmas Tree while Listening to Christmas Songs

I just love to wear a beautiful Christmas Inspired dress, twirl around the Christmas Tree while wearing my favorite dress..

Go Christmas Shopping and admire all the beautiful Christmas decorations

I just love to go Christmas shopping.. to find all the beautiful treasures for my loved ones and admire the beautiful Christmas decorations in all the beautiful shops.. Such a fun treat to look at and to have a delicious hot chocolate from Starbucks afterwards while having a delicious Christmas treat.

Go and Visit London and have some delicious Christmas Inspired Cup Cakes at Peggy Porschen

One of my biggest dreams is to go and visit Peggy Porschen during the Christmas Season.. London always looks so magical during the Christmas Holiday Season and I would love to visit London, Go Ice skating and have a delicious cupcake at Peggy Porschen afterwards..

Go Iceskating and have a delicious hot chocolate afterwards

I just love to go Ice skating especially in the Holiday season.. everything just looks so beautiful and so magical and I would love to go ice skating in London someday, around the Christmas Tree.. and have a delicious hot chocolate afterwards to warm up..

Have some Delicious snacks and watch the Grinch

One of my most favorite Christmas movies has to be the Gringe, I just love how magical and beautiful this movie is made and Whoville always brings me into the Christmas spirit with their beautiful Christmas decorations and their love for Christmas everywhere.. Such a fun movie to watch with your friends and family..

Wear a Beautiful Pink Satin Bow in your Hair

I just love to wear a beautiful bow in my hair, especially during the Christmas Holiday season, It reminds me of Clara from the Nutcracker and it looks so beautiful and it truly makes you feel like a Christmas princess..

Go and see a Ballet in the Theater

It’s one of my biggest dreams to visit a Ballet for the Christmas Holliday Season, on top of my list is the Nutcracker, I watch this ballet during the holiday season all the time and I love to see it in a real live version. Me and my boyfriend do love to watch the Nutcracker documentary every year, here they show how the ballet comes to life every year and how they cast the different characters Clara and the Sugarplum fairy and of course the Nutcracker and the little mouses who are actually little children (so fun to watch).. It’s truly so fun to watch and I really would love to watch the show in London during the Christmas Holliday season some time.. Such a dream come true..