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Hello everyone.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I am so in love with the new Bridgerton series on Netflix, I just love everything about this show and if it were up to me I truly wished that I was born in that time era (the early 1800’s) there is just something about this era that I love so much, I am so in love with the beautiful dresses that the woman used the wear, the pretty lace details on their hats and the accessories that the woman used the wear, the pretty gloves that make your dresses even look more elegant there is just so much about these historic time era’s that I love so much, and I have to admit that Bridgerton is such a treat for the eye I just love everything from this show from the pretty pastel dresses from the Bridgerton Family till the pretty colored dresses from the Featheringtons I also love the decor, everything just looks so beautiful to me.. and it truly makes me want to live in the early 1800’s century. I also love how the woman should go to a ball, dressing up and finding a husband, there is just something so romantic into it for me, I do believe that in those days people would be taking marriages more secrete then now, I know that there were not all happy marriages especially in those days, but I do believe it was very romantic when a man proposed to you, with just having seen you a couple of times at a Ball or a family gathering. There is just so much about the 18th century that I always find so romantic, it’s just the lifestyle that the people used to live and how delicate women were treated in those times.

Inspired by the Bridgerton series and the Pride and Prejudice series from the Jane Austen novel that I love to watch, I created a little high tea with some delicious scones and some macaroons in pretty pastel colors, I also added my favorite teapot and teacup which remind me of the historic times, I just love to have a delicious cup of tea with my scones and I just love to treat myself with a lovely high tea while watching my favorite series. There is just something so romantic about these era’s and I just love how the woman used to spend their day, Having some tea, go for a walk outside, dressing up for a Ball and looking for eligible suitors, I all find in so hopeless romantic and I just love it so much, I try to incorporate these beautiful details to my own life and by simply dressing up in a beautiful gown, having a wonderful high tea while watching my favorite Bridgerton series is just such a treat for me and it truly makes me feel that I am living in that time period, it also helps a lot for me to be living in the UK there are a lot of historic villages here and there are a lot of historic buildings that truly make you feel like you’re living in the 1800 century in the English countryside, It’s my dream to visit the beautiful city of bath, the city were Jane Austen is born, and where they filmed a lot of the Bridgerton series, I cannot wait to visit this little gem and to truly feel like I am in my own Jane Austen novel.