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Hello Everyone. I am so excited to share this post with you today. One of my most favorite things is to drink my tea from my favorite teacup, I just love beautiful floral teacups in pretty pastel colors there is just something about pretty vintage teacups that I love so much and I do believe that by simply serving your tea in a pretty cup makes your tea taste extra more special and extra more delicious. I love to collect beautiful teacups in pretty pastel colors and I just love to mix and match my teacups it makes them look even more prettier to mix and match them, one of my most favorite brands that sells pretty teacups and china pieces has to be Royal Albert they’re selling the most beautiful collections and I also love to find older Royal Albert Designs they’re just so beautiful.

There is just something about floral china that I love so much. It truly reminds me of the Jane Austen/ Marie Antoinette era where the woman used to serve their tea in the most beautiful china pieces. I am always on the hunt for pretty china that reminds me of Jane Austen and Marie Antionette and I just love to have my tea in my favorite china pieces. Here you can find some of my favorite china pieces:

I hope I can inspire you to serve your tea in your favorite china pieces. There is just something so special about serving your tea in a pretty teacup it makes it taste even more delicious. Thank you so much for shopping by and hopefully, I will see you very soon with some new inspiration. I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of Love, Joy Health, and Happiness.. May you can send it with your loved ones. Lots of Love

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